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One week's Norfolk Broads boat hire starting from Brundall

This itinerary takes in much of the Southern Broads including Norwich, Oulton Broad and Great Yarmouth.
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Map of Southern Broads rivers
Day 1 Afternoon -
Brundall to Surlingham
1 mile
15 min cruise time
Slow cruise from home yard in Brundall to Surlingham. Take the turning into Surlingham Broad to see the remains of the sunken wherrys then out again to the river Yare and then on to the moorings outside the Ferry Inn
Day 2 Morning - Surlingham to Langley
7.5 miles
1hr 45min cruise time
Turn back down the river Yare past Brundall, the two entrances to Rockland Broad and past the Beauchamps Arms at Buckenham until you see the sign for Langley Dyke on your right. This is a narrow dyke but with public moorings and room to turn at the far end. No services here so just enjoy the peace and quiet of these "far from the madding crowd" moorings.
Day 2 Afternoon -
Langley to Reedham
4.5 miles
1 hour cruise time
Turn right as you leave Langley Dyke for the leisurely cruise down to Reedham. Not long after you pass the entrance to the river Chet on your right the Ferry inn at Reedham with its chain vehicle ferry comes into view. Travel past to arrive at the village of Reedham with its extensive moorings. Ensure you moor against the tide ( i.e. the tide would be pushing you back if you were in neutral) which runs quite fast here.
Day 3 - Morning -
Reedham to Yarmouth
10 miles
2 hours 15 min cruise time
You need to check your tide tables (available on your boat) to ensure you will arrive at Yarmouth around low water so as to be sure your have the required headroom to get under the low bridges at Yarmouth. The ranger at Reedham will assist you with this if required. Again it is important to leave your moorings against the tide here. Continue down the river Yare under the swing rail bridge and past the entrance to the New Cut on your right. The river is wide and devoid of services until you reach Berney Arms windmill and public house at the mouth of Breydon Water. Continue on ensuring you keep to the marked channel. Just after the Haven Lift Bridge is a yellow marker pointing to the river Bure and the moorings at Yarmouth. Ensure you moor against the tide here. The on-site rangers will assist you in tieing up your boat safely and direct you to the town centre.
Day 3 - Afternoon -
At Yarmouth
Miles 0
Spend the rest of the day exploring Great Yarmouth with its piers, museums and fairground attractions. For those needing provisions, ASDA is a 10 minute walk away close to the railway station.
Day 4 - Morning -
Yarmouth to St Olaves
9 miles
2hrs 15min cruise time
Ensure you leave against the tide and with suitable headroom under the low bridges then retrace your steps across Breydon Water. This time at the far end take the fork to the left heading up the river Waveney. Immediately you pass Burgh Castle moorings, then a journey through the marshes until you approach the moorings at St. Olaves. Moor either at the public moorings before the road bridge or just after outside the public house. Again, mooring against the tide is essential as the tide runs fast here.
Day 4 Afternoon
St Olaves to Oulton Broad
8.5 miles
2 hr cruise time
Leave your moorings against the tide and continue up the river Waveney past Somerleyton with its rail swing bridge until you reach the junction signposted for Oulton Broad. The left channel takes you to this wide inland lake which is the home of yacht clubs and speedboat racing. Moorings are available at the far end either outside the Wherry Hotel or in the Yacht Station to the right.
Day 5 Morning
Oulton Broad to Somerleyton
6.5 miles 30 mins cruise time
Retrace your path back down the river Waveney past the junction on your left to Beccles and on towards Somerleyton. The moorings are the far side of the swing bridge. Moor against the tide here.
Day 5 Afternoon
Somerleyton to Loddon -
11 miles
2hrs 15mins cruise time
Continue in the same direction until you see the junction with the New Cut on your left just before St Olaves. Cruise down this dead straight "canal" then turn left past Reedham again, past the chain ferry and turn left at the signpost for Loddon. The channel is narrow so care should be taken around bends. Moorings are available at the end of the river where you are greeted by the sizeable village of Loddon
Day 6 Morning
Loddon to Rockland
10 miles
2hrs 15mins cruise time
Retrace your steps down the river Chet to the junction with the river Yare where you turn left. Continue up river past Cantley and its sugar factory and the Beauchamp Arms at Buckenham. Look out for the signpost for Rockland on your left then take the narrow channel until it widens to a small Broad. Keep between the marker buoys before continuing down another narrow channel which leads to the moorings and the small village of Rockland
Day 6 Afternoon
Rockland to Bramerton
4 miles
1hr cruise time
Travel back down the narrow dyke until you meet the Broad again. Take the left-hand channel this time which will lead you out to another dyke which in turn leads you back out onto the main river where you turn left. You cruise past Brundall, your home "port" onwards past Surlingham and eventually to Bramerton Woods End where you can moor either at the large village green moorings or a little further on outside the public house.
Day 7 Morning
Bramerton to Norwich
6 miles
1hr 30mins cruise time
Continue in the same direction past pleasant wooded banks until you reach the outskirts of Norwich. The river twists and turns until you arrive at the Yacht Station where you can moor. The attendants will help you in locating the markets, museums, shopping centre etc.
Day 7 Afternoon
Norwich to Brundall
2hr cruise time
Turn around and head back down the river Yare past Bramerton and Surlingham until you arrive back at Brundall. Moor either at your home yard or on the opposite bank outside the Coldham Hall Public House. The village has a small supermarket if you need any provisions
Day 8 Morning
Back to boatyard
Miles 0
Return your boatyard if you are not already located there. Your yard will have advised the time you need to vacate your boat by.

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