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Stag party boat at ludham Bridge Stag party boat at ludham Bridge

Stag and Hen parties on the Norfolk Broads

It's been left to you to organise the trip, and one of the suggestions is a break on the Norfolk Broads. How suitable is it for a party like ours? What is there to do to keep everyone entertained? Where will we pick up the boat from, and is it easy to get to? Answers to these and other questions, are laid out below. If there's more you need to know, just give us a call on 0113 2550515.

How suitable are the Norfolk Broads for a stag or hen party?

Every year, many groups choose the Broads as the location for their weekend, midweek or week long party. They have the advantage of being on the doorstep of large cities and towns, such as Norwich and Great Yarmouth, with all their night-life infrastructure, whilst at the same time, being less than an hour's cruise from the beautiful Norfolk countryside. As such, you get the best of both worlds. Cruising is great as it allows your crew to end up at a different locality each evening, complete with bars and restaurants. You will find a map showing the location of these pubs, together with an overview of what they offer (evening entertainment, pool tables, dog friendly etc) HERE. Furthermore, we have a monthly updated list of live music and other entertainment (such as quizzes etc) locations, which you will find HERE, should you want to plan an itinerary to take in these venues, in advance.

Should we hire one boat for all the party or two smaller ones?

The maximum part size a boat will accommodate on the Broads is 12 people. There are pluses and minuses to having two boats. You will find that a boat with 12 berths, is adequate for that number of people, but you will have very little extra space, and you may find that some of the beds are doubles, not singles. If your party consisted of less than 12 people, then that would still probably work. The disadvantage to splitting the party across two boats, is the cost per person will rise, as less people are sharing the cost of the boat they are accommodating. Two x six berth boats will probably end up costing around 150% of the charge for one x 12 berth boat. So your choice would need to take both these factors into account.

We just want to do a weekend on the Broads, and want to spend the night in Norwich. Is that possible?

It is possible, but would involve hours and hours of cruising. So much so that you would take up much of the break just travelling to and from the city. The smart move, is to use the good train service into Norwich from Wroxham, which is just a 15 minute journey. That way, wherever you pick up your boat from (Wroxham and Stalham are the two hire yard locations which welcome stag and hen parties) you will easily be able to include the city in your plans. For those wanting to visit nightclubs, you would travel in by train, then arrange a taxi/minibus for the return journey.

Where and when do we pick up the boat?

The two boatyards which welcome stag and hen parties are based in Wroxham and Stalham. Each is around a three hour cruise from each other, and offers a range of around 500 cruisers, we rate from budget through standard to superior. A three night cruise generally starts from 2.30pm on the Friday or Saturday and finishes at 9am on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you want to hire midweek, then choose a four night break starting on the Monday or Tuesday, finishing on the Friday or Saturday. Start and finish times are the same. Week long parties are also available, and though most start on Friday or Saturday, a few begin on a Monday if that is more convenient. All finish at 9am, seven nights later.

A four or seven night cruise would allow you to see more of the Broads, and to visit more places. For instance, Great Yarmouth is do-able on a three night break, but would involve long cruises each day. The extra number of nights aboard would make Yarmouth more comfortable to visit.

Do we need to leave a security deposit with the boatyard?

All male or all female parties will need to leave an extra deposit with the boatyard. The amount varies by boatyard, but is usually around £50 per person. This amount is payable on on arrival at the boatyard, but is fully refundable on safe return of the boat at the end of the holiday. Any damage to your boat, or claims against you for damage to other property will be deducted from the amount paid.

We have some people coming by car, others on the train. Which is the most convenient location to pick the boat up from?

Our boatyards are based in Wroxham and Stalham. Both have a similar range of budget, standard and superior boats to hire. As such, your decision might lie more with how accessible each is by road and rail. If everyone will be driving to the boatyard, both Stalham and Wroxham are ideal, and being only 15 minutes away from each other by road, are much the same distance from you. If you have party members arriving by train, Wroxham would probably be your preferred start point. It has it's own railway station with a direct connection to Norwich, whereas the journey to Stalham would involve an onward 15 to 20 minute taxi ride.

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