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Norfolk Broads Visitor Moorings

Visitors to the Norfolk Broads often wonder where they will be allowed to moor their boat whilst they visit the local attractions. Whereas mooring anywhere is strictly prohibited as much of the adjacent land is private property, there is plenty of provision for mooring either at local authority staithes, outside hotels and public houses or so-called "informal moorings" which just means perhaps next to a tree in the countryside. This guide will identify all formal village and broad mooring options and advise if free or if a fee has to be paid.

To make the task easier, we have listed moorings by river. On each, you will find details of free and paid-for moorings together with amenities available. You will also see a reference to "rise and fall". Many parts of the Norfolk Broads are affected by tidal rise and fall. In villages such as Wroxham, it is very slight at around 4 inches. However, as you cruise nearer to the coast the rise and fall can be as much as 6 feet - as at Great Yarmouth. As such, you will need to allow for this when tieing your boat ropes to the mooring posts. So in areas with a larger rise and fall, ensure you have enough slack rope to account for this variation in the height of the river. 

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