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Moored close to Sandersons at Reedham Moored close to Sandersons at Reedham

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Three nights route plan starting from Wroxham
This itinerary makes the most of a four day break, visiting Horning, Sutton Staithe and Ranworth, all very picturesque locations, with plenty to see and do nearby.
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Map of northern Broads rivers
Day 1 Afternoon
Wroxham to Horning
5 Miles
1 hour & 15 mins
Leave your boatyard going downstream, so away from Wroxham Bridge. Pass the entrances to Wroxham and Salhouse Broads on your right hand side. Eventually you will see the long run into the village of Horning, with houses and chalets lining the left hand bank. The white and black paneled Swan Hotel, marks the start of Horning village proper. There are multiple options for mooring. Three public houses, The Swan, The New Inn and The Ferry Inn (TFI) are riverside and offer free moorings for patrons, or paid but with the fee being able to be offset against food purchases. There is also a small public staithe offering free moorings, adjacent to The Swan Hotel. At the far end of the village, is the Ferry Boatyard, which also offers free mooring for hirecraft.
Day 2 Morning
Horning to Ludham Bridge
4 Miles
2 hour cruise time
including one stop
Continue your journey in the same direction along the River Bure. Soon after you will see the entrance to Cockshoot Dyke on your right hand bank. There's time to moor up here and visit Cockshoot Broad nature reserve, which is a delight for children and adults. Back on your boat, continue on in the same direction, passing the signposted entrance to Ranworth Broad on your right bank. Eventually you will see the junction with the River Ant. Take a left turn here. Soon after you will see Ludham Bridge. The bridge is "awkward" in that it is offset to the river, making it difficult to see boats coming in the opposite direction. Take care to approach slowly, so you have time to take avoiding action should you meet another boat at an inopportune time. Just before passing under sound the boat's horn as a warning. Free moorings are available either side of the river, just past the bridge.
Day 2 Afternoon
Ludham Bridge to Sutton Staithe
6.5 Miles
1 hr & 30 mins cruise time
Cast off and continue on up the River Ant, passing How Hill House, with it's long stretch of free moorings. Continue on until you discover the picturesque village if Irstead. Proceed slowly as it's quite narrow here. Eventually the narrow river will widen out onto Barton Broad, reputed to be where Lord Nelson learned to sail. You will notice two very wide marked channels. This is one of those Broads that you can run aground on, so on this occasion, keep to the set marking the channel to the right. At the very top of the Broad you will see the signposted dyke taking you up to Stalham and Wayford Bridge. Take the right channel and cruise on until you see another fork marking the direction to Stalham and Sutton. Keep to the right channel once more. Eventually, you will meet the fork directing you to the right for Sutton Broad. Follow this as it widens out into a small Broad. At the head is a narrow dyke, with the Sutton Staithe free moorings and The Sutton Staithe Hotel, with it's associated free moorings. There is a wide area just beyond the hotel where you can turn your boat to face back down the dyke.
Day 3 Morning
Sutton Staithe to Ranworth
9 Miles
2 hours & 15 mins cruise time
Make your way back down the dyke, across Sutton Broad and rejoin the River Ant, turning left at the junction. Continue on heading for Barton Broad. Keep within the marked channel and return to the entrance to the Broad. Cruise on past Irstead on your right bank, the moorings that mark How Hill House on your left and continue on to Ludham Bridge. Take the same care with passage under as on your outward journey, then turn right at the junction with the River Bure. Cruise on back towards Wroxham. After a short while, you will see the signpost for Ranworth on your left. Turn left down the dyke. At the far end is Malthouse Broad and the village of Ranworth. Free, stern on moorings are available, though popular. You may need to wait a while before one becomes free. Once tied up, visit the Ranworth Nature Trail, which leads to a visitor centre. Upstairs is a great viewing room, which overlooks Ranworth Broad.
Day 3 Afternoon
Ranworth to Wroxham
7 Miles
1 hour & 45 mins cruise time
Retrace your steps back out of Malthouse Broad, turning left at the junction with the River Bure. Continue on towards Wroxham, passing through the picturesque village of Horning again, and the entrances to Salhouse and Wroxham Broads on your left. Soon after you will see the chalets and houses which line the river at Wroxham. Continue on to moor in your home boatyard, ready to hand your boat back in the morning.
Day 4 Morning
At Wroxham
0 Miles

Time to finish your holiday. At least being already at your home yard should ensure you have moored at a position closer to your car for loading up, and will be amongst the first to be processed for leaving.

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