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Looking up the Bure from Yarmouth Yacht Station Looking up the River Bure from Yarmouth Yacht Station

Mooring at Yarmouth Yacht Station, coming from the northern rivers

Ideally, you should time your arrival at the Yacht Station for Slack Water. At this point, the tide will have stopped ebbing out and the river will be still, making it easier to manoeuvre your boat alongside the moorings. If you use our distance calculator, you can not only calculate your travelling time from your last stopover, but also the timings for Low and Slack water on your intended day of arrival. Armed with this information, you will be able to moor at the Yacht Station safe in the knowledge that even if it's necessary to go under the bridges to turn around first, there will be enough headroom.
Aerial view of Yarmouth Yacht Station
Aerial view of Yarmouth Yacht Station

Coming alongside

Always moor against any running tide, however minor. By that I mean, if you were to reduce the speed of your boat to nil, the prevailing current would push it backwards in the water. This will slow your boat down when coming alongside. Approaching with a running tide, will likely cause you to lose control and run into the boat in front. For first time visitors, or anyone who needs assistance, good advice is to contact the Yacht Station on 01493 842794. Call them when you're around 15 minutes away, (use passing the old Marina moorings on your left hand side, as a marker) and they will meet you on arrival, give advice on mooring and assist with tieing up your boat. Current bridge headroom is shown on a river gauge positioned on the right bank, opposite the Yacht Station.This assists those who may need to pass under the bridges before turning back into the ebbing tide to moor. Compare this to the required headroom of your boat, displayed on a plaque close to the steering wheel.

low bridges at Yarmouth
low bridges at Yarmouth

Mooring at times other than Low or Slack Water

It is possible to moor at the Yacht Station at other states of the tide, but it can be problematic with hazards such as a strongly running current making it difficult to moor, or needing to turn around below the bridges so you can come in against the tide, but with insufficient headroom to get under them. Getting it wrong can cause serious damage or even danger to life. As such, for the first time visitor to Yarmouth, it's recommended that you arrive at or around Slack Water. If in any doubt, just call the Yacht Station for advice before you set off. They are very knowledgeable, and will tell you if there would be a problem with your plans.

Please read the Yarmouth from the South article for assistance with your return journey.

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