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Suggested First and Last Night Stopovers

We have a great set of pre-planned Norfolk Broads itineraries, which can be accessed HERE. However, we do recognise that some people just want to go where the mood takes them, and need advice on where to head for a first or last night's mooring. So below, are suggestions of where to overnight, if you're starting from one of our five boatyards in Wroxham, Stalham, Horning, Acle and Brundall. Hitting the RED village names, will take you through to more detailed information, including a location map showing where the moorings are.

Cruises starting and ending in Wroxham

Wroxham river front

Wroxham to Horning
Distance: 5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

Horning is a pretty riverside village, within easy reach of your base boatyard in Wroxham. It's a popular location but with the advantage of having multiple mooring options. Along the riverfront, there are three pubs, all serving food. The first you will come to is The Swan Inn, then the New Inn, and finally, the Ferry Inn (TFI), which is located at the far end of the village. All three offer moorings for customers. Currently, you pay a fee to moor at each of them, though the amount paid can sometimes be offset against the cost of food purchased. There are also limited free moorings available just beyond the Swan Inn, and at the Ferry Marina boatyard, which is located just after you see The Ferry Inn. There are numerous other restaurants and takeaways, on the main street, which runs parallel to the river. 

Wroxham river front

Wroxham to Coltishall
Distance: 5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

Access to Coltishall is under the stone arched bridge which spans the river at Wroxham. It's very narrow and precarious, so you must engage a pilot to take you through to the other side. Your own boatyard may do this for you. If not, moor your boat at the pilot pick-up point, which is located between the bridge and the Wroxham Hotel. The pilot should be along shortly to take you through. Once through, Coltishall is on your right bank, with a long green adjacent to the moorings, which are free here. You can also moor for free outside the Rising Sun public house, at the far end of the green. Next door to the Rising Sun, is the Kings Head, which defines itself as a gastropub. A walk towards Coltishall centre, brings you to The Red Lion, and a little further on to The Recruiting Sergeant, which has a good reputation for fine dining. There are fish and chips, Chinese, and Indian takeaway establishments located in the village.

Wroxham river front

Wroxham to Ranworth
Distance: 7 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 45 mins

If you choose Ranworth as your first night stop, be aware that this location is very popular, and has limited moorings. As such, it would be wise to have a backup option (Horning perhaps), if you can't get in. Moorings at Ranworth Staithe are £10 to overnight, and from the staithe, it's just a short walk to The Maltsters public house. Also on the quayside, is the Granary Stores, where you can dine in, or order a takeaway, though the business closes at 5 pm. Moorings at a fee, are also available at Ranworth Island, on your left, as you enter the Broad. There is no access to the village from here unless you have a rowing dinghy. 

Cruises starting and ending in Stalham

Wroxham river front

Stalham to Sutton Staithe
Distance: 1.5 miles. Travel time: 20 mins

Sutton Staithe is just a short cruise from Stalham and depending on your view, might make a better last-night stop, where you can moor away from your home boatyard but still be within easy reach of it on the morning of your departure. The principal hospitality venue is The Sutton Staithe Hotel. Free moorings are available along the narrow dyke that leads from Sutton Broad (it's not that much broader than other rivers in the area), or outside the Hotel, next to a green area. This is a popular location, and if you're going to eat out, it's best to book a table in advance. There's a turning area, just beyond the green. Alternatively, a 10 to 15-minute walk, will bring you to The Harnser, which also serves food, and is situated on Stalham Green. 

Wroxham river front

Stalham to Neatishead
Distance: 3.5 miles. Travel time: 45 mins

Neatishead is another location that would serve well for first or last-night stopovers. The village is accessed by taking the right turn at the yellow and black marker post, two-thirds the way across Barton Broad. You are "funneled" by the navigation posts, down a narrow dyke, that leads to free moorings, on your left-hand bank. A turning area is available, a little further down the dyke. Neatishead village centre, is a short walk, turning right as you exit the moorings. You come across a village store first, followed by The New Inn, a well-thought-of hostelry with many guest ales, on your right. A look on Tripadvisor will show that the food at the Inn is excellent. As such, it would be wise to book a table in advance. 

Wroxham river front

Stalham to How Hill
Distance: 5.5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

How Hill Educational Centre has no hospitality venue nearby, but is great for sightseeing. There are extensive free moorings on the site, and during the day, you can partake in woodland walks, the Secret Garden, step aboard an electric boat, which will take you down the backwaters of the area, and visit Toad Hole Cottage, a restored replica of a turn of the century eel catchers lodge. There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks, within the house grounds. 

Cruises starting and ending in Horning

Wroxham river front

Horning to Wroxham
Distance: 5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

Well known as the self-styled Capital of the Broads. Wroxham is the largest village you will come across while cruising the Broads. Free moorings are available at the large Barnes Brinkcraft boatyard, which you come across first, on the right bank, as you cruise into Wroxham. The last dyke on the left, just before Wroxham Bridge, is the home of the Faircraft Loynes boatyard, which has extensive free moorings for visiting hire craft. The Wroxham Hotel, situated on the opposite bank, just before the bridge, also has moorings, but these are at a fee. The Kings Head, a large hostelry serving food, is on the far side of the bridge. The Wroxham Hotel also has bars and restaurant dining. There are lots of restaurants, cafes, and takeaways in Wroxham, mostly only a short walk from the moorings. Roy's is a large department store and supermarket, handy for those things you may have forgotten to bring. There are many tourist attractions around. See the guide to Wroxham, linked above, for more information. 

Wroxham river front

Horning to Thurne Dyke
Distance: 5.5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

Thurne Windpump, a magnificent white structure, stands at the head of Thurne Dyke. There are plentiful moorings on either side of the dyke, though a small fee is payable if staying overnight. At the top of the dyke, is The Lion Inn, a favourite with locals and holidaymakers, and renowned for its food. Booking a table might be a good idea here, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, when many boats arrive from Potter Heigham. The dyke is narrow, but there is a turning area at the end where the little marina begins. 

Wroxham river front

Horning to Ludham Bridge
Distance: 4 miles. Travel time: 1 hour

The free moorings at Ludham Bridge, are located just beyond the road bridge that gives the village its name. This is a very busy spot for river traffic, so approach the span with caution, as you may have to abort your passage under if you see a boat coming in the opposite direction. You can tie up on either side of the river. The little village is to the right of the bridge (as seen before passing under). Wayfarers Cafe (only open daytime) and a small village store are close to the bridge. A further 10-minute walk brings you to The Dog, a hostelry with a good reputation for food. Golden City, a Chinese takeaway (and delivery) is available in Ludham village, which is close by. 

Cruises starting and ending in Acle

Wroxham river front

Acle to Potter Heigham
Distance: 6 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

Potter Heigham is best known for its medieval stone-arched bridge, which spans the river here. It's almost impossibly tight to get under, and as such, holidaymakers need to make use of the bridge pilot to get to the other side. Free moorings are available on the right bank, and also in the large Herbert Woods boatyard, which is accessed by cruising under the footbridge on the right bank. The Norada public house is situated to the left of the bridge. Right next door, is Bridgestones, a well-regarded licensed cafe/restaurant, though it is only open daytime. A 15-minute walk to the left, past Lathams, will bring you to the Falgate Inn. All three establishments provide food menus. A fish and chip shop is to the right of the bridge. Lathams itself is a large discount store and is a popular stop-off for both locals and holidaymakers. 

Wroxham river front

Acle to Ludham
Distance: 5 miles. Travel time: 1 hour & 15 mins

The village of Ludham is situated at the edge of Womack Water, a broad reached by a dyke that leads from the River Thurne. It's a charming village and has an Olde Worlde feel about it, with many buildings sporting thatched roofs. There are good overnight moorings at the far end of the Broad, on the right-hand side. A nominal fee is charged for overnight stays. A small village store in located on the quayside. A 10 to 15-minute walk will bring you to the centre of Ludham. Here you will find The Kings Arms, a favourite with locals, and well attended by residents from the nearby caravan parks. It serves food and has a restaurant. A mini market and a butcher's are also in the village centre. 
Wroxham river front

Acle to Stokesby
Distance: 2 miles. Travel time: 30 mins

The village of Stokesby makes a good first night for those who want to travel down to, or through Yarmouth the next morning. A two-hour cruise will bring you to the resort. It's also a good choice for a last-night stay, being relatively close to Acle. Limited free moorings are available a short distance before you reach the Ferry Inn, on the left bank. Should these be full, overnight moorings at a fee are available either outside the Inn or next to the green, immediately after the pub. The Ferry Inn is the only hospitality venue here, but it is well thought of and offers a varied menu. Next to the pub, is a small community store for anything you may have forgotten to bring. 

Cruises starting and ending in Brundall

Wroxham river front

Brundall to Surlingham Ferry
Distance: 2.5 miles. Travel time: 45 mins

The Surlingham Ferry Inn is a great location for first or last-night stopovers. It's a very popular hostelry, offering good food in a warm and convivial atmosphere. Moorings are free for diners and can be reserved, along with your table. This is good for those who may be arriving late, either from their home boatyard or as their final stop of the holiday. The Inn has plenty of outdoor seating, for those who just want to watch the sun go down, with a cold beer on a warm night. 

Wroxham river front

Brundall to Rockland
Distance: 2.5 miles. Travel time: 45 mins

Rockland is another ideal first or last-night stopover choice, being so close to the boatyards of Brundall. It's reached by taking the signposted dyke to Rockland Broad, which is very scenic. Have your camera ready! The marked channel across the broad, leads you to a narrow dyke, at the far end of which, are the free moorings. The New Inn public house is located just across the road and is well thought of for food. The nearest shop is around 30 minutes away, at the other end of the village, up the slope to the right of the New Inn. 

Wroxham river front

Brundall to Reedham
Distance: 9 miles. Travel time: 2 hours & 15 mins

Too far from Brundall to be regarded as a last-night stopover, Reedham is good as a first-night mooring. It's just a couple of hours from Yarmouth, which means you can get there in the morning from here if the tidal conditions are correct. There are plentiful free moorings. The first you come to are those of The Ferry Inn. Reedham village is a 30-minute walk from here. A similar-length cruise brings you to Reedham Quay. Most of the riverside before the railway swing bridge, is set over to free hire boat moorings. Once tied up, you have the Ship, The Lord Nelson and the aforementioned Ferry Inn to choose from if you want to eat out. There is also a cafe and tea rooms, though these close in the evening. On certain days, a fish and chip shop serves up in the village centre. Next to it is a village store, for those provisions you may have forgotten to bring with you.

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