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The moorings at Coltishall The moorings at Coltishall

Suggestion for a Norfolk Broads Itinerary
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Four nights route plan starting from Acle
This itinerary makes the most of your holiday, visiting all three rivers of the northern Broads,
with stopovers in Wroxham, Horning, Potter Heigham, Neatishead and Ludham Bridge, amongst others.
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Map of Northern Broads rivers
Day 1 Afternoon
Acle to Potter Heigham
6 Miles
1 hour & 15 mins cruise time
Head upstream away from Acle bridge, passing the entrance to Upton Dyke on your left. After a while, you will see the junction with the River Thurne, on your right. Take this turning, cruising past Thurne Dyke, marked by the impressive white Thurne Windpump, standing at it's entrance, on your right bank. Continue on noting the signposted dyke on your left, leading to Womack Water. A short while later, you will come across the start of the many holiday homes which line the banks right up into Potter Heigham. As Potter Heigham bridge comes into view, you can choose to moor either just before it, on the right hand side, or if unavailable you can go into the Herbert Woods boatyard, accessible passing under the footbridge on the left bank.
Day 2 Morning
Potter Heigham to Horning
8.5 Miles
2 hours cruise time
Return down the River Thurne, past the entrance to Womack Water, which will now be on your right bank, and the entrance to Thurne Dyke on your left. At the junction with the River Bure, turn right. You see the ruins of St Benets Abbey on the right bank, and then not long after, the signposted entrance to South Walsham Broad on your left. Cruise on, passing the entrance to The River Ant on your right bank, and eventually the signposted entrance to Ranworth on the left. Soon after, you will see the Ferry Boatyard moorings on your right bank, which mark the start of the village of Horning. You can moor here for free, or at the moorings of the adjacent The Ferry Inn (TFI), though these moorings are for patrons only. A little further on is The New Inn, which provides free moorings for people purchasing food. Next are the free moorings provided by Horning Parish. These are always very popular, with spaces usually being taken as soon as one becomes available. Immediately next door, is The Swan Inn, which provides moorings at a fee.
Day 2 Afternoon
Horning to Wroxham
5 Miles
1 hour & 15 mins cruise time
Cruise on in the same direction, leaving the last of the holiday homes on the right bank behind. Pass the entrance to Salhouse Broad on your left bank. Soon after, you will see the free moorings for The Great Hoveton Broad Nature Trail on your right bank. As this afternoon's cruise is short, take time to explore this boardwalk across marshland, bog and scrub, culminating in great views over Hoveton Great Broad. Back aboard, continue in the same direction. Soon after passing the entrances to Wroxham Broad, you will see first holiday homes and chalets which mark the start of Wroxham. Free moorings are available at the Barnes Brinkcraft boatyard on your right bank, or within Faircraft Loynes, which can be reached by the dyke just before Wroxham bridge, on your left bank. Fee pay moorings are also available on the opposite bank, outside the Wroxham Hotel.
Day 3 Morning
Wroxham to South Walsham
9 Miles
2 hours & 15 mins cruise time
Retrace your steps back out of Wroxham, past the entrances to Wroxham Broad and Salhouse Broad on your right. Cruise on through Horning, past the entrance to Ranworth on your right, before coming across the junction with the River Ant on your left. For now, continue past, looking out for the signposted entrance to South Walsham on the right bank. Take the right turn to enter the dyke. Free moorings are available on two areas of the dyke. Take time to walk or cruise down to South Walsham Broad, which is very picturesque.
Day 3 Afternoon
South Walsham to Neatishead
7.5 Miles
1 hour & 45 mins
Head back out onto the River Bure, turning left. Soon after is the junction with the River Ant on your right bank. Turn right to head up the Ant. Soon you will see Ludham Bridge, which is awkward to pass under as it sits at an angle to the river, making it difficult to see oncoming boats. As such, proceed slowly, being prepared to abort your passage under, should you see an oncoming boat making it's approach. Sound your horn just before passaging through. Continue on past the moorings at Ludham Bridge, the extensive moorings for How Hill House on your right, and the pretty village Irstead. A short distance on, is Barton Broad, reputed to be the place Lord Nelson learned to sail. Note the two marked channels which cross the Broad. Turn left to cruise to Neatishead, ensuring you keep between the markers to avoid running aground. At the far end, the channel guides you to a narrowing dyke. Cruise past the entrance to Gays Staithe on your left, and on towards the free moorings at Neatishead, which are situated down a dyke on the left bank. A turning point is available just past the moorings.
Day 4 Morning
Neatishead to Ludham Bridge
5.5 Miles
1 hour & 15 mins
.Return back out to Barton Broad, crossing between the marker buoys/posts to the exit point on your right hand side. Cruise past the picturesque village of Irstead on your right and the moorings for How Hill House on your left. Soon you will see the free moorings at Ludham Bridge, which are available on either side of the river, leading up to the bridge you passed under yesterday. There is an area just before the bridge, on the right bank, which is set aside for yachts to de mast, so avoid these moorings.
Day 4 Afternoon
Ludham Bridge to Stokesby
8.5 Miles
2 hour cruise time
Pass under Ludham Bridge, being prepared to avoid oncoming boats should you be see them. A short cruise takes you to the junction with the River Bure, where you should turn left. Pass the entrance to South Walsham Broad on your right, and the ruins of St Benets Abbey on your left. Soon you will approach Acle, the location of your home boatyard. Pass under the bridge and continue on for a while. You will see the village of Stokesby situated on a bend in the river. Free moorings are available on the village green, on your left bank, though these are quite limited. Further moorings are available adjacent to The Ferry Inn. These are fee pay moorings, though this can be offset against the cost of food purchased.
Day 5 Morning
Stokesby to Acle
2 Miles
30 mins cruise time
.You need to return your boat by 9am, so prepare to leave your moorings at an appropriate time. Retrace your steps back up the River Bure, eventually seeing the bridge which marks the location of Acle. Your boatyard is located immediately past it, on the left hand bank.

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