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Four night's route plan starting from Brundall
This itinerary visits iconic Broadland villages such as Reedham, Bramerton and Loddon, as well as taking in areas of natural beauty such as Oulton Broad and Rockland Broad.
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Map of Southern Broads rivers
Day 1 Afternoon
Brundall to Bramerton
4 Miles
1 hour cruise time
For those starting from Silverline Marine in Brundall, cruise down to the end of the dyke, then turn right, up the River Yare. Broom Boating Holidays are situated on the riverfront, and you should head upriver from here. Ask the boat handover staff for guidance. Soon you will leave the many chalets that line this stretch of the river behind, and cruise on in the direction of Norwich. You pass the moorings for The Surlingham Ferry public house on your left bank, before cruising for a while until you arrive at Bramerton. There are two sets of moorings to choose from. The first you will come across is next to a green space, and is free to stay overnight. A little further on is the Waters Edge public house, which also provides free moorings for patrons.
Day 2 Morning
Bramerton to Rockland Broad
6.5 Miles
1 hour 45 mins cruise time
Retrace your steps back down the River Yare, passing the Surlingham Ferry on your right bank. Just before you come across Brundall, your home base, you will see the signposted entrance to Surlingham Broad on your right. Proceed slowly down until you discover the secluded Broad. You will see an area chained off to the far side, which is the site of "The Wherry Graveyard". Many no longer used trading wherries were sunk here many years ago, You can still see some of them under the clear water. To the right of the "graveyard" is the exit dyke which will take you back out onto the main river. You may be surprised to see that you have rejoined almost opposite the dyke which takes you to Silverline Marine, thus missing out most of the run through Brundall. Turn right at this junction, heading down river. After a short cruise, you will see the signposted dyke which leads to Rockland Broad, on your right bank. Proceed slowly down. Eventually the dyke opens onto the Broad. Be sure to keep between the marker posts, as areas outside are shallow, and may lead to you running aground. The posts lead you to a narrow dyke, at the head of which are the free moorings for the village of Rockland. Proceed very slowly along, turning to moor stern on at the head.
Day 2 Afternoon
Rockland Broad to Loddon
10 Miles
2 hours & 15 mins cruise time
Return down the narrow dyke until you arrive at the Broad. You will see two sets of markers, the one indicating the route you arrived on, and another set venturing across the Broad. Take the later, which will guide you to another narrow dyke, which in turn leads you back out onto the River Yare. Turn right at the junction, to continue downstream. Pass The Beauchamps Arms public house and the entrance to LAngley Dyke on your right, and the industrial complex that is the sugar factory at Cantley, on your left. Soon after, you will see the sails of Hardley Mill on your right. Click HERE for more information on visitor facilities. A little further, on your right bank, is the signposted entrance to The River Chet, which leads to Loddon. Take this turning and proceed carefully through the first few hundred yards, as it narrows, and can obscure oncoming craft. A further cruise will bring you to the edge of Loddon. There are two sets of moorings, both free, to choose from. The first, is an area just outside the town, next to a green on your left hand bank. A little further on, you will come across the mooring basin, which is right in the town centre. You should moor your boat stern on here.
Day 3 Morning
Loddon to St Olaves
8.5 Miles
2 hour cruise time
Return back down the Chet, meeting the junction with the River Yare. Take a right turn to head on down-river again. Soon after you will come across the Ferry Inn at Reedham, which has the distinction of operating the last working chain ferry in Norfolk. You can see it carrying vehicles from one side of the river to the other. It's pulled across by chains, which are visible in parts, but lie just under the surface in others. Best advice is therefore to not pass it until it has reached the bank, when the chains rest at the bottom of the river. Once past, you will soon see the village of Reedham and it's long quay come into sight. Pass through and under the rail swing bridge. Shortly after, you will see a fork in the river. Take the right hand channel, (The New Cut), which is long and straight, and leads you to a junction with the River Waveney. At this point, turn left, and cruise up to St Olaves road bridge. There are two sets of moorings here. Just before the bridge on the right, is the Bell Inn, which has it's own free moorings for patrons. These are especially useful if your boat is too tall to get under the bridge at high water. Or pass under the bridge, where around 500 metres further, on your right, you will find the local authority moorings, again free for overnight stays. Be sure to approach whichever mooring you choose, against the prevailing tide. So if your boat was stood still in the water, the tide would be pushing you back. If you approach with the tide, you will very likely lose control and be pushed onto the boat in front of you.
Day 3 Afternoon
St Olaves to Oulton Broad
8.5 Miles
2 hour cruise
As the tide at St Olaves can run quite fast, it's important that you leave your moorings against the running tide. You may need to turn your boat using its ropes to achieve this. Once underway, retrace your steps back up the Waveney, past the entrance to the New Cut on your right. After a while you pass the moorings at Somerleyton, and it's accompanying rail swing bridge. Check your bridge headroom before approaching. Once under, continue your cruise until you see the signposted junction with Oulton Dyke. Take the left turning, which eventually will bring you to Oulton Broad, which is in effect, a wide lake. Moorings are available at the far end of the Broad, either outside the Wherry Inn, or just to the right, at Oulton Broad Yacht Station. Both locations charge a fee, and you will need to moor stern on.
Day 4 Morning
Oulton Broad to Reedham
11.5 Miles
2 hours & 30 mins cruise time
Retrace your steps back out of the Broad and along Oulton Dyke. Keep right at the point where it meets the River Waveney. Continue heading back the way you came, past Somerleyton and it's swing bridge, until you come to the junction with the New Cut. Take a left here to cruise down it, towards Reedham. At the far end, keep left and head under Reedham rail swing bridge. Just beyond are the moorings at Reedham Quay. Be sure to approach against the tide, which can run quite fast here. If you need any assistance, catch the eye of the on-site Ranger, who will advise and help you moor.
Day 4 Afternoon
Reedham to Surlingham
10 Miles
2 hours & 15 mins cruise time
.Be sure to leave the moorings against the tidal flow. You may have to turn your boat using it's ropes to achieve this. The on-site Ranger will assist you to leave if required. Continue on up the River Yare, past The Reedham Ferry Inn, staying well away from it's chains and past the entrance to the River Chet on your left. You then pass the sugar factory at Cantley, The Beauchamp Arms and the two entrances to Rockland Broad on your left, before arriving at Brundall and your home boatyard. Cruise on through until you arrive at the stern on moorings of The Surlingham Ferry, a little further away on your left bank. There is no charge to moor for patrons.
Day 5 Morning
Surlingham to Brundall
2 Miles
30 mins cruise time
It's time for your final cruise back to your boatyard. You will need to be back at base by 9am, so be sure to allow enough time to get there without having to rush.

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